Wealth Management

Successful wealth management starts with discipline. It is the cornerstone of your financial future. At The Monument Circle Group, we manage your assets as if they were our own. We work to achieve your goals through appropriate growth and income, but also have a finite focus on risk and all of the competing forces that can impact your portfolio over time. Through extensive research, tactical allocation, and focused risk modeling and management, our portfolios help you stick with your plan and achieve your short and long-term goals.

Investment Management

We partner with you to develop a well-thought-out Investment Policy Statement that outlines your long term risk and return targets as well as your performance goals and how those are evaluated. Based on your input and comfort level, we carefully define which investments are permitted and which are prohibited from your portfolio. We then utilize these guidelines to construct your personalized investment portfolio with a mixture of equities, exchange traded funds (ETFs), mutual funds, fixed income, cash alternatives, and other investments based on your comfort level, risk tolerance, time horizon, and investment objectives. Your portfolio is tailored to meet your goals and needs. As such, your Investment Policy Statement is reviewed with you annually to make certain that our mutual understanding of the strategies and the framework involved remains purposeful to your intentions and desires.

Asset Allocation

Asset Allocation balances risk levels and rewards by selecting and investing a portion of a portfolio’s assets in a diversified range and mix of securities. Periodic adjustments (Portfolio Rebalancing) are made usually on a quarterly basis to maintain the portfolio’s originally constructed level of risk versus reward.